Why Do You Need a Land Survey?

montgomery  land surveyingLand surveying barely comes to mind until you need one, which may not come often. You may already be aware of the need but simply have the wrong notion that you can save a lot of the surveying cost when you do it yourself or hire someone who is not licensed and somewhat cheaper.

            There are many reasons you may need a licensed land surveyor. Whether you want to purchase a new lot, or are planning to sell property, or you and your siblings want to subdivide an inherited estate from your family. These are just a few among several more reasons to conduct land surveying. And if and when that need arises, be sure to contact a reliable land surveyor at Wetumpka Land Surveying.

 Here are some of the reasons to hire a land surveyor in Wetumpka:

1. To confirm if the legal description used for the property accurately describes the actual property.

2. To verify whether the structures on your property like buildings, fences and easements for utility lines encroach onto neighboring properties or vice versa. 

3. To establish boundaries of the property and place monument (or markers) conspicuously so that you and your neighbors know where the property line is located.

4. To obtain baseline data and record drawing of all existing structures in the property that could be a reference for the future, if needed.

5. To find traces or proof suggesting a usage of a portion of the property for unknown easements, where a third party is making claims on a section of the property

6. To provide the title insurer the proof they need to remove certain standard exclusions for insurance coverage and thus offer an “extended coverage” title insurance policy.

Depending on your needs, the land surveyor will gather data in the field and prepare a drawing. The cost will also depend on the extent of the survey. The more detailed it is, the higher the cost. The minimum information to be collected through Wetumpka land surveying will be dictated by Alabama state law. Though, additional requirements by the title insurance company or the lender may dictate other types of land surveying such as a topographic survey or flood elevation survey.

If you want to avoid unexpected legal disputes in the future regarding your property, then you should get in touch with Wetumpka Land Surveying to settle any issues with your estate. Since this is part of your investment, it is wise to contact a licensed land surveyor who is equipped with the academic qualifications and the technical capability to do the job for you. Call 334-625-9540 today.