Why Do You Need a Land Survey?

montgomery  land surveyingLand surveying barely comes to mind until you need one, which may not come often. You may already be aware of the need but simply have the wrong notion that you can save a lot of the surveying cost when you do it yourself or hire someone who is not licensed and somewhat cheaper.

            There are many reasons you may need a licensed land surveyor. Whether you want to purchase a new lot, or are planning to sell property, or you and your siblings want to subdivide an inherited estate from your family. These are just a few among several more reasons to conduct land surveying. And if and when that need arises, be sure to contact a reliable land surveyor at Wetumpka Land Surveying.

 Here are some of the reasons to hire a land surveyor in Wetumpka:

1. To confirm if the legal description used for the property accurately describes the actual property.

2. To verify whether the structures on your property like buildings, fences and easements for utility lines encroach onto neighboring properties or vice versa. 

3. To establish boundaries of the property and place monument (or markers) conspicuously so that you and your neighbors know where the property line is located.

4. To obtain baseline data and record drawing of all existing structures in the property that could be a reference for the future, if needed.

5. To find traces or proof suggesting a usage of a portion of the property for unknown easements, where a third party is making claims on a section of the property

6. To provide the title insurer the proof they need to remove certain standard exclusions for insurance coverage and thus offer an “extended coverage” title insurance policy.

Depending on your needs, the land surveyor will gather data in the field and prepare a drawing. The cost will also depend on the extent of the survey. The more detailed it is, the higher the cost. The minimum information to be collected through Wetumpka land surveying will be dictated by Alabama state law. Though, additional requirements by the title insurance company or the lender may dictate other types of land surveying such as a topographic survey or flood elevation survey.

If you want to avoid unexpected legal disputes in the future regarding your property, then you should get in touch with Wetumpka Land Surveying to settle any issues with your estate. Since this is part of your investment, it is wise to contact a licensed land surveyor who is equipped with the academic qualifications and the technical capability to do the job for you. Call 334-625-9540 today.


Land Surveying Cost: Getting Your Money’s Value

Land surveying, basically, is the science and art of establishing or re-establishing property corners, property lines and/or boundaries. There might be different reasons why someone wants a piece of land surveyed. The most common is to see whether a piece of land is susceptible to flooding, to subdivide real estate to sell or deed to relatives as well as to know if there are any encroachments. This might happen when a neighbour disputes you are using a part of his lot or vice versa (for more about this, click here).

land surveying cost

If you need to have a chunk of property surveyed, the first thing that may come to mind is “how much would land surveying cost?”

There are plenty of factors determining exactly how much land surveying cost. The fact that this kind of service has to be done by an expert contributes a great deal to the overall land surveying cost, but choosing a non-professional to survey your land is dangerous and probably illegal for the non-professional. That is why you really should to take a good look around before settling with a surveying company.

If you must work inside a particular budget, discuss this with the surveyor up-front. Often times he may manage to offer land surveying cost saving steps to get the work you need done within these cost limits. The form of the land also needs to be considered. A square or even a rectangle piece of land is easier to survey than an odd shaped parcel, or one with a lot of sides. With the latter, the surveyor would need to take more time in surveying the curves as well as the bends meaning the land surveying cost of the service would increase. The actual size of the land is also an important factor here.

Remember that the land surveying cost is usually proportionate to the time and effort that a land surveyor would spend on the project. If the land that you’re having surveyed is not accessible, or has thick vegetation, then the total price of the survey might go higher. This is true of the varying weather conditions that might affect the work. Surveying in warm weather is sort of slower to keep from putting the crew members in danger. Also, most surveying can't be done during the rain.

When requesting for a quote, remember that surveyors base the estimate on expected conditions at the site. These conditions could change, bringing about additional costs. Always inquire about these potential additional land surveying cost scenarios.

All that being said, competitive prices are also to be expected, this is why we recommend selecting a surveyor based upon his experience and reputation rather than on the price he writes on a piece of paper. Usually it is far better to shell out a good amount of money on a survey that’s well-done rather than select a company with a very “affordable” price but have the survey repeated because the results were wrong.

To sum up, you should always discuss the expenses of the survey before you ask the surveyor to begin his work. You should also receive a contract that lets you understand what is expected of the land surveyor. This is one of the most important steps in getting your land surveyed.


Using GPS in Land Surveying

Land surveying is a profession that greatly utilize the GPS system.

ladn surveyingToday, man-made constellations are in orbit. Their purpose is to provide instant, exact and global positioning information. This global positioning system of GPS is revolutionizing the modern construction sites, automating and guiding land surveying equipment, providing instantaneous circles and volume gap, simplifying total and controlled surveys. Nearly everyone involved in the land surveying and construction industry has heard something about satellite positioning technology or maybe you or someone you know is already using it. Whether an operator or a casual observer, there are still many questions about how this exciting system really works.

These positioning satellites don't stay in one place like the stars; they orbit the earth about twice a day. Constantly transmitting uniquely identified radio signals that can be perceived by specialized units on earth. These signals are used to precisely measure the distance to the receiving instrument from each satellite visibly overhead.

Just as stars have exact locations in the sky, the locations of the GPS satellites are also defined, becoming orbiting reference points. Using a process based on triangulation, a GPS receiver processes the signals from multiple satellites to compute an accurate position on Earth, which is why it is widely use in land surveying.

For mobile applications that require high accuracy, such as three dimensional machine control, there are two requirements that must be met. First, the signals from a minimum of five satellites must be received at all times. And second, those five satellites must be distributed across the sky. This is called Dilution of Precision or DOP. The simple rule of thumb is this, the more satellites received the better your system will perform.

land surveyingAll land surveying receivers incorporate standard GPS tracking technology; unfortunately the GPS satellite constellation alone cannot continuously make the minimum requirement of accurate mobile positioning. For any given location, there are times in a day when there are less than five available satellites or very poor DOP.

Now, consider a land surveying job site with trees, buildings, or other obstructions when satellite receptions are easily be further reduced. All land surveying GPS receivers suffer this same problem because they all use the same satellites to operate.

Even the planned signal modernization to the GPS satellites won't solve this problem. An obstruction that blocks one signal blocks all signals from that satellite. A land surveying equipment provider has solved this problem. The solution isn't adding more signals from the same satellites; it's adding more satellites.

Today, there is a second positioning satellite constellation in operation, the Glonass System. This positioning system is operated and maintained by the Russian government; much like the GPS is operated and maintained by the United States government; combining these two satellite constellations give land surveyors access to 38 different satellites; 14 more than a GPS-only system.

The additional satellites mean stronger and more accurate positions and better performance in obstructed land surveying areas. These additional satellites mean maximum up time in all land surveying locations, in all conditions.

For an up to date and accurate land surveying service, contact Wetumpka Land Surveying at (334) 472-9606 or better yet, you may fill out our contact form request and a licensed land surveyor will contact you.